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Statistics show that, even though the government declared war on cancer in 1971, and has spent $27 billion since then, the cancer rate has increased 18%, and now claims one out of every three persons. Heart disease effects 1,500 per day, not to mention the staggering statistics of asthma, adult onset diabetes and plagues like fibromyalsia, candida, and auto-immune diseases.

We’ve been missing something! We need to look at the cause, and we need to look at prevention and maintenance. So many people have gone the ‘medical’ route for years, only to find no relief, plus the added problems of drug interactions and side effects.

Thank goodness, a new wave is washing over much of America, and many people are now beginning to take a look at alternative or complementary health care.

Frequently called holistic (or wholistic) health, therapies such as good nutritional programs with the use of supplements, massage therapy, reflexology, and iridology are becoming more and more commonplace.

Each of these, along with proper exercise and relaxation can be incorporated into an individualized program of better health and stress management with very rewarding results. Now, we are treating the whole person---spirit, soul, and body. A thorough consultation with a qualified health professional should be your starting point. In the future, I hope to be doing on-line consultations from this site. Till then, I hope that you can find a progressive doctor or other professional that can guide you through the process.

Before you search out your area of interest, be sure that you read over my BASICS section, to get a good overview on what you can do to achieve “BETTER HEALTH”. I hope to encapsulate my years of studying and experience on this site to give you a good start on your journey.

Linda Basta CNHP. CR, NC
Certified Natural Health Professional
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Bible Food Revealed
During the Babylonian captivity, Daniel and his friends insisted on eating "Pulse" and water. After just 10 days, they were stronger and healthier than all the men of Babylon.

Infrared Therapy
FIR is capable of penetrating into the human body. It can gently and delightfully elevate the body's temperature. When it does so, it helps to expand capillaries which stimulate blood circulation.

Passive Aerobic Exersize
The Chi machine can help bring about a very deep sense of relaxation and stress release which has been shown to be beneficial in almost all types of illness, emotional and physical.

NEW !! Boost your serotonin and melatonin levels with this natural extract from a bamboo plant. Helps correct mood swings, anxiety, sleep problems, and low libido, without side effects.

The two SUPER ANTI-OXIDANTS and free radical scavengers from the authentic pine bark extracts from France and New Zealand. Shown to be 50x more powerful than Vitamin E and 20x more powerful than Vitamin C. Natural anti-inflammatory / Natural anti-histamine.

De-tox Pads
Want to Detoxify your body?
Hate taking powders, capsules, and clay? Greatest health discovery in 50 years--A Botanical Pad that you place on the soles of your feet, or area of pain. Visual results in 8 hours! This product is nothing like you've ever seen before.!

Dr. Miller's Holy Tea
Dr. Miller's Holy Tea may also be used as an element in any Weight Loss Program and is much more effective than Chinese Green Tea. Just drinking the Holy Tea regularly often results in a reduction in the amount of stored fat in the body, and a significant reduction in the size of the abdomen or belly. For some people, the weight loss has been achieved quickly and rather dramatically, but individual results will vary.

Stem Enhance
Now there is proof! You can help your body produce more of it's own adult stem cells and get all their benefit, without any moral controversy.
A stem cell is a master cell that has the ability to change into any other cell in the body that is ailing and renew or heal it.
Now we have we an all natural plant based product that encourages this natural biological process to be accelerated. thus helping prevent as well as correct any serious diseases.

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Linda Basta
Nutritional Consultant, Certified Registered Reflexologist, Certified Natural Health Professional

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